Our Bespoke Service

Stockscape are able to guide you through a process to produce your design vision.  Our knowledge in stone and its potential will ensure the correct stone and treatment is used. …anything is possible

Your vision

We can help you achieve your design vision with extensive knowledge in hard landscping materials and stone masonry.  We are able to suggest the best materials and combinations to use along with the most appropriate finishes and treatments.  We can even offer advice on how to maintain your unique piece over the years to ensure it’s always looking it’s best.  We love working with architects and designers on such projects to really push the boundaries of designing with stone…anything is possible.

Waterjet Cutting

The advantages of the waterjet process extend beyond its cost competitiveness with other cutting techniques. Waterjet offers advantages for cutting complex shapes and intricate designs, not otherwise economically achievable. It can be used to cut an almost unlimited number of materials from solid metals to resilient granites. The cutting is via a high velocity fluid jet at a velocity of twice the speed of sound!  The option to combine materials through inserting contrasting colours is particularly interesting and opens up many possibilites!


Stockscape have developed a unique process for the customised engraving of text, logos and graphics into most glass, tile and granite surfaces, producing the highest quality finish and definition.  The depth of the etching changes the effect considerably.  A shallow etch can be a very subtle addition to a scheme whereas you can take it deeper to make more impact.  This process allows the one material to show its facets rather than combining colours or material.

Cutting to size

Stockscape have also invested in a new KOLB SAW that cuts material up to 150mm with a fully automatic step cutting device. With two saws the production capacity is increased dramatically and therefore can be confident in offering an exceptional sawing service to all our customers.  If you require a specific size at short notice we can cut our stock material to your required dimensions at our midlands based depot….problem solved!

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