Rainford, Lancashire

This project began with the client having the scheme designed professionally by a Landscape Architect. PDG Stonecraft were successful in tendering for the works.  The scheme included Magma granite paving with Magma granite tumbled setts to the outer edge.  There was also a second drive area constructed using 50mm Magma granite setts with Royal White granite kerbs around the planter beds. The main patio area was excavated with stone hardcore laid to form working levels, on top of this was laid 50mm of semi-dry concrete forming a working base area. All the underside of the stone paving was brushed with a pre-mix primer & laid on a full polymer bedding mix.


The paving areas were jointed with GftK 850 Epoxy resin mortar mix. The second drive area used 50mm tumbled setts laid on full polymer bedding mix with added limestone to strengthen the mix. The drive area was jointed with Instarmac, Flowpoint, charcoal colour.

The terraced area started with removing the existing Granite tiles. then Magma flamed granite paving was laid on a full polymer bedding mix. Magma granite tumbled setts were laid to the outer edge, this was all finished with Collingwood low LED energy lighting.


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