Neland Clay

Dutch clay paving brings texture, colour and life to landscape projects.  Clay pavers can be used to create a continental feel, cottage pathway or edging detail.

Stockscape’s clay range offers a selection of colours to suit all colour palattes.  These durable products meet the most exacting aesthetics and demands of architects, landscape designers and engineers throughout the UK, offering a distinctly continental feel in larger areas of urban paving.

Typically laid on edge, fade-free and frost-resistant, natural clay paving delivers an unrivalled combination of lasting good looks and long-term performance in a number of pleasing colours, enabling the designer to achieve distinctive aesthetic and zoning effects that reflect European practice.


1 Finishes - 1 Sizes


1 Finishes - 1 Sizes


1 Finishes - 1 Sizes


1 Finishes - 1 Sizes


1 Finishes - 1 Sizes


1 Finishes - 1 Sizes

Slabs: Slabs with a natural surface and sawn edges are often used for the paving and facing of both internal and external areas. They are the main paving item for squares, streets, pavements, arcades and shopping centres. Sizes: Standard and bespoke available on request.

Kerbs: Usually paved vertically, kerbstones can be used for shaping footpaths, flower-beds, stairs or for marking edges of traffic and pedestrian paved areas.

Setts: They provide texture in the streetscape. Being an extremely versatile product, the sett is used either to contain or mark the edge of paved areas, squares, streets or to shape flower-beds, traffic islands and soft landscaping. They can also be used decoratively to embroider paved areas.

Sizes: Standard and bespoke available on request.

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